Belgium bans Hunting Trophy imports

Belgium’s Parliament unanimously passed a bill banning the import of hunting trophies from endangered species, safeguarding lions, rhinos, and other vulnerable animals. The decision aligns with public opinion, with 91% opposing trophy hunting and 88% supporting a ban on trophy imports. 

The ban covers species listed in Annex A of European regulations which include jaguars, cheetahs, leopards, some brown bears, Cape mountain zebra, chimpanzees, and African elephants. Annex B animals which also will be protected by the bill include African lions, Southern white rhinos, hippos, and argali sheep. Minister Zakia Khattabi emphasised the urgency of protecting these species. The ban extends protection to more species than previously covered and follows years of advocacy by organisations like Humane Society International/Europe (HSI/Europe). HSI/Europe lauded the decision, noting Belgium’s leadership in wildlife protection. 

The ban sets a positive precedent for neighbouring countries like France, where similar legislation is under consideration. The ban will come into force after receiving royal sanction and promulgation.


Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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