Financial aid expansion at Princeton University 

Photo:ément Proust

Students from households that earn less than $100,000 per year now have the opportunity to attend one of America’s top universities. Princeton University recently announced that families whose income qualifies within this bracket will no longer need to pay to attend the tertiary educational institute. The amount of full financial aid coverage was previously $65,000 for low income families. The tuition costs around $80,000 per year at the Ivy League university. 1,500 students will now receive financial coverage which works out to be 25% of Princeton’s undergraduates. The cost includes tuition, accommodation and board and will apply from Autumn this year. Among other general financial aid, for example an allowance for books, students whose families earn up to $150,000 will also be assisted financially, according to the press release. 

Princeton’s president, Christopher L. Eisgruber says the aid packages were made possible by the alumni and friends of Princeton university. He further stated that “One of Princeton’s defining values is our commitment to ensure that talented students from all backgrounds can not only afford a Princeton education but can flourish on our campus and in the world beyond it.” 

Photo:ément Proust


Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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