Free Grocery Store opens in San Fransisco

A new free grocery store opened in San Francisco’s Bayview neighbourhood, offering low-income residents the opportunity to stock their pantries without any cost. 

Named the District 10 Community Market, it’s a unique establishment where shoppers can freely choose groceries from fully stocked aisles, unlike typical food banks. 

Supervisor Ahsha Safaí, instrumental in its creation, emphasised its pioneering role in San Francisco and hinted at future expansions. The store, supported by community members, officials, and volunteers, provides essential groceries to eligible residents referred by local organisations. 

The city’s Human Services Agency determines the amount of food (in pounds) each shopper can take. The market only stocks food items; baby formula, medicine, household supplies, and alcohol are not available. It operates with a grocery card system, plans to open twice a week initially, and is overseen by Bayview Senior Services nonprofit. 

The market aims to combat food “desert” challenges by focusing on health-conscious choices and community welfare.

Photo: (c) Pexels


Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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