Generating clean water from air in Kenya

Beth Koigi, a 33-year-old Kenyan entrepreneur, co-founded Majik Water in 2017 to address water scarcity, particularly in arid regions like Kenya where half the population lacks clean drinking water. 

Instead of large infrastructure projects, Majik Water employs atmospheric water generators (AWGs) that extract humidity from the air, condense it, filter out bacteria, and add minerals, powered by solar energy for remote installations.

Initially partnering with NGOs for disaster relief, Majik Water now collaborates with local entrepreneurs in Kenya, placing devices in shops to provide accessible water to communities. This approach not only expands their reach quickly but also supports local economies by creating income opportunities.

Koigi emphasizes that Majik Water aims to offer holistic solutions tailored to local water challenges rather than simply scaling hardware. With Kenya’s growing startup ecosystem and severe water issues in East Africa, Koigi sees significant potential for expansion and impact.

Photo: (c) Majik Water

Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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