JFK Airport’s ‘New Terminal One’ to be powered by solar energy

Photo: (c) TMRW.SE

The New Terminal One of New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport has beauty and sustainability incorporated into its design. Construction of the 23-gate terminal began in 2022 of the $9.5 billion project and includes a microgrid to power the terminal. This new power system would allow the New Terminal One to operate independently from the city’s power grid during emergencies.

11.34 megawatts of electricity from rooftop solar, gas fuel cells and battery storage will be produced by the microgrid.  It is the largest solar panel installation at any U.S. airport terminal and will set a new record with 13,000 solar panels planned. As a comparison, 3,570 American homes could be powered for an entire year with the electricity produced by the microgrid.

A Boston-based firm called, AlphaStruxure, who specialise in energy infrastructure will be managing the project and they say the microgrid will produce 38% less greenhouse-gas emissions and also reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide by 98%.

Four digitised and automated power islands will make up the microgrid and will each have their own fuel cells and battery storage. They will function independently but are also interconnected. The complete construction of the New Terminal One is expected to be completed by 2030 and the first gate is planned to be opened in 2026.

Photo: (c) TMRW.SE



Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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