Large amounts of garbage retrieved from Venice canals

Photo: (c) Gomez Angel

Garbage divers have retrieved large amounts of waste from the canals of Venice, totaling 38 kilometers in length, a key attraction of the city. Over the years, gondola guides, known as “Gondolieri,” have conducted annual underwater clean-up efforts to reduce waste accumulation.

According to the original article in Deutschlandfunknova, during a recent diving operation, a record 1500 kilograms of garbage were removed from two canals, including sinks, radiators, and thousands of glass bottles. Over the past five years, these efforts have resulted in the retrieval of 18 tons of waste, including approximately 1,600 old car tires commonly used to cushion boats and gondolas.

Venice has implemented various protective measures, such as banning cruise ships disembarking there, imposing fees on tourists visiting the city, and prohibiting large tour groups, in an effort to safeguard the city and its residents.

Photo: (c) Gomez Angel


Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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