New AI-controlled robot fixes potholes in England

A groundbreaking AI-controlled robot, named ARRES, is now active on British roads to prevent potholes. 

Developed by Hertfordshire County Council in collaboration with Robotiz3d and the University of Liverpool, this innovative system detects road defects and fills them with tar, aiming to save time, money, and prevent damage to vehicles. 

After a successful trial in Hertfordshire, it’s hailed as a potential global solution to the pothole problem. Rising pothole-related insurance claims underscore the urgency, with data showing a 40% increase in claims in 2023 compared to 2022. The government, investing over £30,000, supports the project, recognizing its potential to revolutionize road maintenance. Further trials and development are underway to refine the technology for broader deployment. 

Potholes, caused by wear and water seepage, are exacerbated by the UK’s climate, heavy road use, and limited council budgets. With climate change intensifying the issue, innovative solutions like ARRES are seen as crucial steps forward.

Photo: (c) SWNS


Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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