Obtaining watts from waves

Bild: (c) Eco Wave Power

Eco Wave Power have developed an innovative technology for the production of clean and affordable electricity from ocean and sea waves.

The design they created is simple but smart using floaters which are attached to existing man-made structures like breakwaters, piers and jetties. This makes installation, maintenance and accessibility easier because they use existing structures instead of complex offshore setups. This simplicitly dramatically reduces costs and makes clean energy more affordable. It also doesn’t create air pollution while it works.

The floaters draw energy from incoming waves by moving up and down with the waves and converting the pressure that is formed into a clean energy generation process. In simple terms, this pressure activates a hydraulic motor which is connected to an electric generator to produce the clean energy. A smart automation system controls and monitors the whole operation. If there are storms and the swell from the waves is too high for the system to handle, the floaters rise automatically above the water level and stay in this upward position until the storm passes, after which they return to their normal operation mode. 

The design was founded by Inna Braverman and have been developed by the Swedish company Eco wave power . 100 homes in Gibraltar have already been powered for six years with a 100-kw system. They have connected the first wave power station to Isreal’s grid and they are installing it at the port of Los Angeles with plans to power approximately 15,000 homes. 

Bild: (c) Eco Wave Power



Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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