Photo evidence of wolf pack in Swiss National Park

Bild: (c) Keystone / Fabrice Coffrini

The Swiss National Park in the Engadine was set up specifically to search for wolves. A pack of young wolves was recently photographed by camera traps in the area. The forming of the wolf pack has not been seen there in over a hundred years. There were indications that wolves were present in the area, such as destroyed insect traps as well as signs of deer and chamois being killed. These were the reasons that photo traps were installed.

Hans Lozza, head of communications for the national park stated that according to the photos they believe there are at least four young wolves in the pack, which has been christened “Fuorn”. This is the 13th pack recorded in canton Graubunden. Lozza says, the idea behind the National Park was to create more biodiversity and ultimately let nature take care of itself. The photo evidence of this important species proves the idea is working. 

There have been many discoveries of traces of other wolves in the park, they find lots of game to feed on and there is also minimal human influence. The effects the wolf pack will have on the national park's ecosystem will now be seen and documented by the researchers.

Bild: (c) Keystone / Fabrice Coffrini


Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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