Renewable energy powered Portugal for six days in a row

Photo: (c) Pexels/Marshall Reyher

From 31 October until 6 November this year, Portugal’s National Electric system ran completely on energy generated from renewable energy sources, namely wind, hydropower, and solar. This amounted to a total of 149 hours straight. 

It passed its demand of 840 GWh when the country produced 1102 GWh of renewable energy. This enabled them to even export the excess electricity generated to Spain. 

In 2019, the European country set a similar record when it operated on renewable energy for 131 hours.

60% of Portugal’s energy comes from renewable sources and natural gas supplies the remaining 40%. The country has an ambitious plan to run completely on renewables by 2045 and wants to stop using gas entirely by 2040.

Photo: (c) Pexels/Marshall Reyher



Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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