Women patrollers keeping women safe at night


In Newcastle, England a band of volunteer women wearing pink jackets are patrolling the streets to keep people safe at night.

Women's Street Watch Newcastle (WSWN) was founded by Beth Dunn after the disturbing news of the murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa. 

50 volunteers are on the WSWN roster and patrol the streets together with a van decorated with its watchful eye logo in shocking pink. The aim is to keep vulnerable women including clubbers, pub-goers and members of the homeless community safe from harm at night.

The group believed there wasn't enough being done to protect the female community so they took it into their own hands to offer practical help on the streets. They check on the welfare of women who are alone. They are in partnership with a firm called Budget Taxi's who arrange free rides home for anyone in need and pubs can call if they feel a female customer is in distress.

The eye catching van, which was purchased through , parks on the city's St Nicholas' Square together with an Ambulance as a hub of support. They provide a secure spot to call a taxi, have a snack or charge a mobile phone.

The support and appreciation they receive from the community makes it all worthwhile and they have already had enquiries from other cities such as Manchester who want to follow suit.



Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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