Uzbekistan's kindergarten on wheels 

In the remote mountain areas of Uzbekistan many young children do not have access to early education. This article from states that one in four children were able to attend preschool in the country 5 years ago. This statistic is now changing thanks to the specially designed kindergarten buses that go out to these rural parts of the country to provide a preschool education for children aged between three and seven. Since they launched the fleet of yellow educational buses in 2017, preschool enrolment has jumped from 27 per cent to 67 percent, and aims to be at 80 percent by 2026.

The buses travel through the mountains, stopping at different villages every day, providing three hours of play-based learning to up to 16 children at a time. Trained teachers use books, toys, music and crafts to educated up to 16 children at a time for up to three hours. In regions where electricity and running water are scarce, the buses can function completely off grid. They are fitted with solar panels to run air conditioning, a microwave oven and a small bathroom. 

This crucial nurturing for their future potential through early years education is now being provided to more children in the country thanks to the buses.


Author: Sylvia Jacobs

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